Winds of creation

winds of creation, nature, trees, poetry, steven humphreys

Do you hear nature's wind calling... whistling through the branches It is silent as it is soothing winds of creation we are amongst it it surrounds our being it heals the spirit it casts away our demons we hear its breeze in the ear of our mind we feel its invisible love as the leaves …


I walk in wind

wind, thunder, clouds, crows, cawing, kite, lightening

I have had the pleasure of being the only one who has seen and heard that which comes for me. I walk in wind and sail my kite string is tight pulls left to right pounding rain electric light flashing bright I'm alright cool blue glistening water drops fall welling up in my eyes like …


wind, poetry, rv living, steven humphreys

There are those likened to the wind. They go here. they go there. they buy a travel trailer. they live off the land. they live cheap. they are a breed unto themselves. they are not the 'lonely' ones. some live alone. some join in around the campfire in a desert near you. there is a …