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Old town

Taking a drive through old town light and dark sides it is what has grown inside you that made you you remember growing up with all those Advertisements

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It’s a Beautiful Day

It’s a beautiful day for a holocaust a rational day is why who would want a gloomy way full of clouds and

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That thing we call you it moves on to the next step evolvement you are not a baby anymore that’s long passed but, you once were where did that ‘you’ go?

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Under a Blanket

Can’t find my way back home that old truck used to be new I didn’t know it would turn old wandering the crooked  streets with

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Without You and I

You wouldn’t know the difference between them and you when you conversed they will act like us saying the same words they will look like us and they will

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Face of Clay

this face of clay we think we really know awareness of the outside and inside down the pit of our stomach to the tips of our toes not quite enough to

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The Quake is Nigh

movement fear Listen hear rumbling shake feeling breathing draining lake living rivers trees

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Living for a Haircut

Living for a haircut Living from paycheck to paycheck living buying stuff when enough stuff is

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Listen to the Ghost

Listen to the ghost in those future shoes never to those living fools we’d listened to who made us into

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In the Ether

In the Ether surrounded by those we used to know many lifetimes before those brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers wives and husbands sons and daughters they live amongst

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