The Wind Blows

wind, nature, baby, sleep, waking, new day

The wind blows in its own way it moves dead leaves as it wills. within the rhythm of nature therein lies its own music in celebration like raindrops pattering a baby's nurturing lullaby. lightening yawns a new waking day.


When I am with you

when I am with you, nature, animals, spirit, god, poetry, steven humphreys

When I am with you my soul is content you are part of me your sky where birds glide your greenery where squirrels forage your earth where my feet walk you are heat you are cold your warm breeze flows through my heart your presence always bringing comfort and joy to my ever yearning soul. …

Fearless mimic

fear, desert, death, bones in the sun, god

Fearless mimic teasing brain seismic gimmick eschew abstain withhold refrain running main frame masters gators restless erasure limited stature lost nature canteen dry dried tears cried strong red sky long baked bones thousand flies dusted dread hollowed head emptied eyes earthen bed hawks dive rabbits flee hallowed ground hour three.