In the Dungeon

boys, dungeon, inquisitive, droids, church bells, hooded droids

It's this, not that. time is void null and that. here, we ask not why. covered rain not of me Lightening strikes clock chimes three. tit for tat squeaking rats. it's he who speaks uneasily. hold on to righteousness when ones character is weak. Hear me well, running boys, I urge you on it's my …


Parading Skeletons

skeletons, walking, parade, marching band, music, dark, town

Clankity! Clank! parading skeletons march in tidy rows playing haunted music. the sundown street echoes through your mind casting shadows their memories keep in our dreams at bed time. they toot their horns bang their drums they're out tonight while babies sleep. witches roam and ride their brooms flying high in the darkest air of …