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Age of the poltroon

If life is so real why does its experience rapidly turn into these once treasured but guarded memories? we live in the Advertisements

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Cold steely blue eyed

Went to my favorite ‘Trader’ store where I get my treats and more there was this huge steely cold blue eyed checker standing boldly behind his cash register he gave me such an evil stare not much

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Eleven fifty nine and counting

eleven fifty nine and counting tick tick tick grandfather clock goanna go bong! tension’s mounting worried sick beat your chest like old

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Fifteen minutes of fame

I’m goanna get my fifteen minutes of fame you caused it You made me you’re to blame I’m a free

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Hasty steps downtown

We take hasty steps downtown arriving sooner doing

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In that tree

Parting with the day the muffled ruffling of my birds in that tree soft bells ring they toll invisibly there is a

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Listen to the rain

Drops hit the rusty old junky truck and the salty old abandoned boat Revel in the smell of the air after a fairly heavy rain listen to the rain the scent of rain so

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Withering away in Winogaritaville

Livin’ in Spain a lot (drinking ‘shots’ while humming my old tune…) withering away in winogaritaville man it’s

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Standing and waiting teeth gnashing and grinding for the bells to start

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Birthday hats for dogs and cats? sure! why not? it’s my way of

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