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Skeletons in My Closet

Skeletons in my closet nothing faint to despair shake creak and rattle on the hangers they bang on Advertisements

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Listen to the Ghost

Listen to the ghost in those future shoes never to those living fools we’d listened to who made us into

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Can I Help You?

‘Can I help you?’ the salesperson asks… ‘Yes, I think you can!’ you reply. ‘Well, what can I do for you?’ ‘Well, it’s kinda’ hard to put into words,’ you say as it is so obvious you are holding the … Continue reading

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Sitting Under the Poetry Dome

Poor unhappy soul, (you haven’t found where it is hiding, but be reassured, it’s there, because they found him and gave him a good hiding…) whatever gets you through your weary day… Is OK, for you somehow made your way … Continue reading

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Beneath this old Carved Tree

When you used to search for me, you found me by lake forgiveness beneath this old carved tree. You always knew where to find me, when we spoke those 

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Strands of Moonlight

I have a project for you. I want you to go out to the next full moon, and take a look. Stand there surrounding yourself in strands of moonlight. When? Some calendars have gone queer these days and don’t show … Continue reading

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How to Publish a Book

Have you wondered the easiest way how to publish a book? I know from my own experience it’s easier to self publish a book than it used to be. But, these days you can sign up as an author at

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Those not like Us

There are those not like us. We are surrounded. We are outnumbered.  they are doing just fine. They always get by. They use. They take. They don’t

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Boast not where the Poppies Grow

We escape into yet another day; boast not where the poppies grow. we run away. we don’t know where God hides himself every day. we say the wrong things at all the wrong times. eat the wrong foods. we laid with … Continue reading

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Rendezvous with Oars

Did you feel you missed the boat in life because someone said both paddles of yours were not in the water and your rudder was backwards? So, you had a rendezvous with oars throwing them both

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