My old dog

My old dog can’t hear so good

these days.

not even when I yell and scream.

but, he can when I clap my hands.

He can’t see me so good, either.

I have to wave my hands to

signal him to Continue reading “My old dog”


No regrets

I question

the sincerity

of those who

say fervently



as loud as

a tooting


that they

‘regret nothing

in life’.

for, I have many Continue reading “No regrets”

They have no Rage

If you want to be ‘loved’

for the person you are,

go out today

to your local



buy a sad eyed

cat or dog

behind those

steel bars.

be their hero.

be a hero.

be your own hero.


you were never promised Continue reading “They have no Rage”