Movin’ to Arid zona’

moving to arizona, desert, cactus, heat, exodus

Movin' to Arid zona' cactus in my mouth stored away in Georgia chicken gravy waffle house It's aware how it pouts cooked well done points and shouts searched in magnificence never stooping doubts on my mind tasting wine wasted biscuit in my prime gaining south risking easy sitting pretty on the road smelting easterly wilted queasy …



ex patriot, liberal, california, poetry, steven humphreys

This ex-patriot was so proud until he felt a change within himself. it dawned upon him his party never served him well. It had always been about everyone but him. it 'welled' up inside. he couldn't control this feeling... he felt so 'illegal.' it wasn't so much they didn't like him. it was more accurate …