Stand and look down

stand and look down, grave, death, love and loss, poetry, steven humphreys

Don't bother yourself anymore my dear friend Put away the deep red wine and the matching wine glasses I shall drink no more for I am no longer here by your side Stand and look down I am under such a beautiful blanket of grass warming my bones Yes, it is me your old friend …


Those poor souls

those poor souls

No one understands those poor souls who wake wishing they did not pains end is assuredly coming and then there will be no more one does not see feelings change like the weather until he visits the eye of the storm.  

Fearless mimic

fear, desert, death, bones in the sun, god

Fearless mimic teasing brain seismic gimmick eschew abstain withhold refrain running main frame masters gators restless erasure limited stature lost nature canteen dry dried tears cried strong red sky long baked bones thousand flies dusted dread hollowed head emptied eyes earthen bed hawks dive rabbits flee hallowed ground hour three.  

Matter of fact

matter of fact, spiritual, god, guardian angel, death

The voice overhead said, 'you're dead'. I shook my head and shrugged my shoulders and replied 'who are you and what did you say'? 'I am what you were my son and you are still dead'. 'I don't feel dead'. 'Go talk to your friend Bill. He won't hear you because he is alive'. "OK. …



You snigger in jest. You rise by noon, You sleep bathed in morning light. In the silence of a dream a galleon sails upon your rough seas. and, you tell me life is but a dream: that it comes whether you are awake or not? this is your psalm. this is your grave.


vines, alone, death, struggle, living

I felt your smile like an apple with a worm popping its head out. I smelled your gaze as the morning waves crashed on the shore rocks. I heard your mind sing out loud and it tasted like cheap wine as your vines crawled up my spine. yet, you were not here in body. My …


haply, poetry, steven humpheys, god, death

Hapless we are surviving life daily haply bathed in dew covered lawns at all wonder tide at noon babbling brook yonder up hills in recompense souls sincerely trembling fathers wandering rogue eloquent gladness and musings shall fill our breathless natural prisoner freed in outlash to open cloudless skies


tunnel, poetry, steven humphreys, madness, death

You stopped at the entrance to a tunnel and there you hang in limbo for the green light to change crazy mind electric eyes icing on the cake purified by night run with wolves sleep wake another full glass it's time to see to taste can you hear? it's calling you... it is this that …

Withering away in Winogaritaville

wine-garitaville, poetry, steven humphreys

Livin' in Spain a lot (drinking 'shots' while humming my old tune...) withering away in winogaritaville man it's H  O  T! pouring insane jalapeno sauce (like gravy) over half-baked tater tots temperature risin' connectin' all life's obscure dots one rusty robot playing slots like one 'hot shot' I'm so... N  O  T stomach tied in …