My Cat and the Dove

cat, dove, pet, nature, poetry, steven humphreys

Is there more to this thing called life than its own face value? When I look at my cat he patiently watches the dove landing near my sliding glass door by my pool the dove drinks from the border of my whirlpool which connects to the main pool I do not want more than this …


I don’t know

love, family, togetherness, meaning, purpose

I don't know how god thinks. but, I do know about a few things that he does. I know I didn't create T H I S... instead, we were 'B O R N I N T O  T H I S' (thanks, Bukowski!) I know some prayers of mine have been answered solely because I …


sage, poetry, prose, poems, steven humphreys

There’s bad in the world   There’s good in the world   But, where does it live?   Where is good and bad, really?   Isn’t it in the hearts and minds of mankind?   I do pray, but I can’t tell outside me that anything has been changed by God because of me and …