My Cat and the Dove

I woke,


my vertical


and looked out

and there was my dove.

it didn’t have its partner.

they haven’t been together

for some time now.

I believe

they do pair for life

once they have decided.

I wondered what had happened.

the other day I noticed Continue reading “My Cat and the Dove”


Long Claws

when your best

friend’s long claws

need some


teach him

how to

claw the

cat tree

like a Continue reading “Long Claws”

They have no Rage

If you want to be ‘loved’

for the person you are,

go out today

to your local



buy a sad eyed

cat or dog

behind those

steel bars.

be their hero.

be a hero.

be your own hero.


you were never promised Continue reading “They have no Rage”

Wee Bit of Uncertainty

That wee bit of uncertainty

catches ya’ off guard,

lying in wait

within everything

you do.

this world,

how it’s made,


become a student

through Continue reading “Wee Bit of Uncertainty”