You snigger in jest. You rise by noon, You sleep bathed in morning light. In the silence of a dream a galleon sails upon your rough seas. and, you tell me life is but a dream: that it comes whether you are awake or not? this is your psalm. this is your grave.


The last kiss

last kiss, romance, lost love, poetry, steven humphreys

Of course, as usual she knew long before he they had kissed their last kiss as she scraped off the last spoonful of extra creamy cookies and cream ice cream from the bottom of its half gallon container. She reminisced... about the time they went to the happiest place on earth... They walked hand in …

Oh, landlord!

oh landlord dear landlord, rent late, deadbeat, drunk, irresponsible, tenant

Oh, landlord! dear, landlord! toss me out thy decrepit window! Ah, it was you who trusted me to pay his rent on time... yet, all the while it was I who began mimicking the gypsy drinking his ale by the side of the dark moor, whilst I gagged and bound you to the foot of …

No regrets

I question the sincerity of those who say fervently proudly proclaiming as loud as a tooting horn that they 'regret nothing in life'. for, I have many that I wouldn't repeat for any amount of gold... is it that those who regret nothing have done little right? that they must have lived in a hole …


vines, alone, death, struggle, living

I felt your smile like an apple with a worm popping its head out. I smelled your gaze as the morning waves crashed on the shore rocks. I heard your mind sing out loud and it tasted like cheap wine as your vines crawled up my spine. yet, you were not here in body. My …