Halves and have not’s

halves, haves, have not's, unfortunates, friends, lonely

Halves and have not's circling friends crowded squares tied in knots breaking bread spilled wine abounding fire short on time northern spirit southern court eastward defiance flamed appearance masters in ignorance all's behind you nothing in name coming to get you cut you into halves a whirlwind spirit sucking up souls.


Under my purple umbrella

I sat on a gravestone. lived in a radioactive zone. felt all those upturned bones, record scones, crepes and summer skin tone. raining, lightening, thundering storms. I sat wondering on the sea shore. torn, watching ships come and go under my purple umbrella.  

Slow dive

slow dive, suicide, jump off a cliff, lonely, depressed, alcohol, hopelessness

one way ride slow dive in greener ears white lies go devil on your shoulder whispers 'suicide tide' get bored dull sword Mr. Ford directionless truck drives itself going far picking winners eating cold dinners greasy diner bars back home sleep talking counting stars eyes glisten angels listen horn honks beep thinking deep soul to …

So many things…

so many things wine, regrets, drinking, alcohol, memories

There are so many things one cannot control... like war, other people's behavior and death. yet, the flowers still remain so beautiful. love is still love in all its shades and forms. and, kindness is still kindness when given freely. faith will always remain hope when one is sincere. fun is fun and best remembered …

An end to gradatim

gradatim, searching, god, ladder, steven humphreys, poetry

An end to gradatim I say! we must travel step by step. you don't want to fall into a hole covered up in dirt living like a mole. be a barefoot boy. ramble on. become master over your passions as you go... each step ascending toward god up the infinite ladder.  

Black bandana

black bandana, psychedelic, dream, poetry, steven humphreys

Black bandana ruby lips silver thread sink less ships. wear them proudly sweaty stead going somewhere sheepfold bed. landing loud missed abruptly. playful shroud summer stuffing. corn oats potato griffin. shallow boats tomatoes listen. avenger swinging false securely. swaying someplace oddly fading.    

Rotten oak

rotten oak, grandma, pie and ice cream, little kid, poetry, steven humphreys

Goin' goin', almost gone. tearful drummer muffled  song. goin' to see 'ma grand mam' in Georgia town. midnight's past you're not my home. I didn't last, never shown. always chaste, been there alone. did care, toiled in obscure haste, never shown. neither here, rotten oak withstanding: withered solid cloak. understanding this and that cause' my …

I’m sorry

I'm sorry, depressed, time, sadness, death, poetry, steven humphreys

I'm sorry. but, it was not me who did it. time is fleeting. somehow we all know it. yet, we get so distracted. we forget the pure white sand in the hourglass relentlessly streams down and down. flowing. flowing. slowing down for no man be he rich, poor, caring or indifferent, a dignitary or high …