It’s how you like it

easter, it's how you like it, celebration, religious, non religious, spiritual

Easter. it's how you like it.


Vanilla in the sky

vanilla sky, movie, nightmare, surreal, love lost, time, death, reborn

Vanilla in the sky. love lost in time. jump off a roof. born again. In the nick of time. forever our illusion we are living. full erasure inside our minds.

Roller rink

roller rink, roller skating, first girl friend, caramel popcorn, tin can

Oh, that roller rink. the mood. skating in the dark. musty old air conditioning. gum stuck under the bench seats. kick the tin can. caramel popcorn. first 'real' girl friend. learned to skate backwards. been goin' that way ever since...

Your only job

who you are, mission, purpose, be thankful

Your only job here is to be you. if you are a monkey, go ahead, be that monkey. Do what monkey do. monkey around... But, if you are a human, Ah... that's where the real problem begins. so, go ahead, try it out for fifty, sixty, seventy years or more... be the living human animal... …

Matter of fact

matter of fact, spiritual, god, guardian angel, death

The voice overhead said, 'you're dead'. I shook my head and shrugged my shoulders and replied 'who are you and what did you say'? 'I am what you were my son and you are still dead'. 'I don't feel dead'. 'Go talk to your friend Bill. He won't hear you because he is alive'. "OK. …