PoetryMadness.Com is that place where I share my thoughts and feelings about daily life’s ups and downs.

Poe’s work inspired me to write poetry all night long one weekend evening. Some fifty years later the urge resurfaced and I continued where I left off. I felt I truly came home again, as if I had never stopped writing.

I wrote a few articles about poets like Poe,  Bukowski and Thoreau. I especially loved Bukowski’s ‘Open all night’. My home page header says, ‘Open all day all night’.

Poetry comes straight from ones heart and soul. More often than not, poetry is written by someone unknown. I give tribute to all the unknown poets, here.

I have written numerous articles written about book writing that might help you get started. You could be interested in writing your own ‘how to’, poetry book or a novel. Go to self publishing.

All content within PoetryMadness.Com is copyright protected. If you want to use one (or more) of my poems on your website; excerpts and links may be used, provided full and clear credit is given to ‘me’ [Steven Humphreys] and [PoetryMadness.Com] with appropriate and specific direction [by a link] to my original content page.




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