Here’s where I can be my own ‘Weirdo’

strange brew, weirdo, off beat

Here's where I can be my own 'Weirdo'. Doesn't everyone need to find their own forum for what's ailing them? Oh, do we need an excuse to do what we do? After we are both gone, no one will remember us. So, what do we actually have to lose? Forgotten words, feelings, thoughts and actions... …


I’ve been doin’ sum thinkin’ lately

I was doing some thinking lately, poetry, steven humphreys

I've been doin' sum thinkin' lately It's about saying things... It makes no sense not to say what you mean. Isn't it better for your rotten soul to just say it rather than hem and haw around beat around the bush in circumlocution placing something in juxtaposition do you really need everyone to be your …

Origami my beautiful

origami, beauty, folded paper, hobby

Origami my beautiful unfolding your life into papered shapes and forms you come alive while I nap flying around my head in my room it is you who are wise it is me who learns from your silent flight.  

Work 25 years

work 25 years, retire, alcohol, bar, depressed, unstable

Life doesn't go anywhere MONEY we don't live forever FOOD love while you can ALCOHOL get a good job sell your soul work 25 years have a retirement party go home throw up in that toilet you should've cleaned better (but, we don't care much then nor will we probably remember much thereafter...) and pass …


strangers, poodle, drinking, coffee, moot

Strangers dunking doughnuts impromptu in synchronized tumultuous rows at unfamiliar dark coffee bars wielding swift strokes sketching ever widening posters of heavy drinking floaters in a cryogenic tank when a wonton champagne pink best in show poodle secretly believes it's all moot anticipating cold weather day dreams.

Silence sleeps

silence sleeps, nuclear exchange, war, weapons of mass destruction

Silence sleeps no more. bugles blow. drums pound as we stand firmly on our green bank's cooling ground. at the brink of war the flag flaps unfurled in the coming radioactive wind. as we look up proudly boldly in horror to the streaks of smoke and flame behind incoming descending missiles of mass destruction with …

Wear your magic hat

magic, hat, get things done, mental creation, attraction

Wear your magic hat when you do dis or dat when you want to get things done imagine that for you'll never know what it's like to get luckier unless you don it backwards walking upward down a hill on a pizza party traffic jam one way street.