My Cat and the Dove

I woke,


my vertical


and looked out

and there was my dove.

it didn’t have its partner.

they haven’t been together

for some time now.

I believe

they do pair for life

once they have decided.

I wondered what had happened.

the other day I noticed Continue reading “My Cat and the Dove”


A Happy Ending

we want life to

have a happy ending.

we learn the hard way.

you don’t know what’s going

to happen next in life.

all we have is Continue reading “A Happy Ending”

Love is like a Flower

Love is like a flower.

when it is plucked,


against its will

thrust into a vase

it soon

fades away

dropping petals

like tears Continue reading “Love is like a Flower”

My Cat and the Dove

Is there more to this

thing called life

than its own face value?

When I look at my cat

he patiently watches the dove

landing near my

sliding glass door

by my Continue reading “My Cat and the Dove”