I don’t know

love, family, togetherness, meaning, purpose

I don't know how god thinks. but, I do know about a few things that he does. I know I didn't create T H I S... instead, we were 'B O R N I N T O  T H I S' (thanks, Bukowski!) I know some prayers of mine have been answered solely because I …


Under my purple umbrella

I sat on a gravestone. lived in a radioactive zone. felt all those upturned bones, record scones, crepes and summer skin tone. raining, lightening, thundering storms. I sat wondering on the sea shore. torn, watching ships come and go under my purple umbrella.  

An end to gradatim

gradatim, searching, god, ladder, steven humphreys, poetry

An end to gradatim I say! we must travel step by step. you don't want to fall into a hole covered up in dirt living like a mole. be a barefoot boy. ramble on. become master over your passions as you go... each step ascending toward god up the infinite ladder.  

I’m sorry

I'm sorry, depressed, time, sadness, death, poetry, steven humphreys

I'm sorry. but, it was not me who did it. time is fleeting. somehow we all know it. yet, we get so distracted. we forget the pure white sand in the hourglass relentlessly streams down and down. flowing. flowing. slowing down for no man be he rich, poor, caring or indifferent, a dignitary or high …

No regrets

I question the sincerity of those who say fervently proudly proclaiming as loud as a tooting horn that they 'regret nothing in life'. for, I have many that I wouldn't repeat for any amount of gold... is it that those who regret nothing have done little right? that they must have lived in a hole …

It doesn’t hurt

it-doesn't-hurt, wine, drink, poetry, steven humphreys

It doesn't hurt to think more positive, unless you are unwilling to live a life full of self-deception and lies... on the other hand; it only tends to make matters worse wearing those dark blue sunglasses of yours that always bring you down. In the meantime, though, before you choose looking at the world through …

We assemble

we assemble, knowledge, share information, poetry, steven humphreys

We assemble here to gather and share our thoughts. And, what is it we wish to accomplish? we give. we take. we ponder. we hope to find something out. a mystery. something new. something old. something beautiful. and, if we do walk into this page to a bridge, we stroll to the other side feeling …


TV, abandoned houses, poetry, steven humphreys

Turn on the TV news and get your daily dose of negativity. begin a lonely heartfelt walk in time through local subdivisions throughout this land full of abandoned houses from the many 2008 mortgage fraud schemes feeling the presence of broken roaming spirits still lingering behind capturing this evil sight and phantom cries of children …