Pumpkin Leaves

pumpkins, fall, halloween, leaves, autumn, eerie

Pumpkin leaves burning bright where you lie eerie nights. single leaf waves of wine drips to ground in due time. all is good it's understood. bind my feet nice and neat bury me beneath the street. headlight echoes coming going. tail lights glow in cycles knowing. chilly wind in darkness blowing. gathered greens rows in …


From Another Room

keyhole, another room, consciousness, mind, god

Oh where, oh where, does consciousness come from? Is its own resting place not from within our own brains? or, Is it we who reside somewhere else, the invisible body, somewhat closer to our god? We live our lives like visitors peeping through a keyhole from a different room. It seems we are neither here …

In the Dungeon

boys, dungeon, inquisitive, droids, church bells, hooded droids

It's this, not that. time is void null and that. here, we ask not why. covered rain not of me Lightening strikes clock chimes three. tit for tat squeaking rats. it's he who speaks uneasily. hold on to righteousness when ones character is weak. Hear me well, running boys, I urge you on it's my …

The Candle

candle, mood, scent, meditation, dark, light

Burning wick burns down slow. smoke in fired light we all know. lovely musky scented incense sticks. a dreary world. different sense of woe. of darkest mood the lit candle flickers its haloed glow.