Poetry from my book ‘Sage’ is posted throughout this website as are ‘newer’ poems not included in the book.

You can have eight long poems all in one place or read them for free right here. It’s up to you.

Or, simply keep reading, as I write one poem or more every day. Read and enjoy my poetry, for free if you like.


Enjoy reading the first two chapters of my novel ‘Meet Duff’ by clicking on the links below. I hope you like it. It took me a year to write it.

It’s a sci-fi novel about this little short shaved head tattooed guy who lives in the forest in a tree house with this child who wields a very sharp Samurai sword.

There’s a store owner just down the hill who will meet both of them. He is having a midlife crisis.

But, things get strange. His birthday’s coming up. He smokes a lot of pot. He begins to wonder what’s real and not.

And then there’s this drug lord who needs a good teaching. There’s a mine shaft, and maybe there will be a few heads on bamboo sticks in the dark, rotting!

excerpt from Meet Duff!

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