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My pal Bubba and me ‘Steven Humphreys’ (your humble poem writer)

My name is Steven Humphreys, and I am really happy you dropped by to read my poetry. I wrote all the poems within this site.

According to the ‘Myers Briggs type indicator’, (I took in college to try to find my job niche in life. Found out at age 19 not many salaried poet jobs open!) I am an ‘INFJ’ personality. This means I’m an ‘Introvert’, apparently a good personality for writers.

You will often find me about town and around the house dressed in short pants, baseball hat, tee-shirt and flip-flops. I am actually a pretty down to earth homebody who likes watching Horror and corny ‘B’ movies. As you can see above in the photo, I love my animals. We also have cats!

Poetry is like anything artistic. Like a painting, each poem has it's own colored scenery, message and character...

I was greatly inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s poem ‘Annabel Lee’ and intrigued by Henry David Thoreau’s notes on how he spent his time (two years) at ‘Walden Pond’ at an early age. I wanted to (be) write like them.

J.D. Salinger’s ‘Catcher in the Rye’ and Charles Bukowski’s own version ~ ‘Ham on Rye’ caught my eye. But, I didn’t read them both in high school. I found Salinger’s book in a ‘storage box’ my wife’s kids left in our garage! And, as for ‘Charles’, I have no idea how I stumbled upon his works! But, I am sure grateful I had. Crude, but incredible!

I was inspired to stay up all night one Saturday evening (when fifteen years old) writing over fifty poems. Unfortunately, they are all lost… I do vaguely remember one about rats!

Writing poetry keeps my feet on the ground and my mind in the clouds

I created Poetry Madness to share my poems with the world. This is why I added the ‘Google translator’ widget for automatic translation of site content in any language.

Maybe, you are curious about how to publish your own book of poems or how to write a ‘how-to book’ or novel? If I can do it, why not you, too? Learn how you can self publish your new book. Maybe, I might have a few suggestions that might get you started.

Most authors have day jobs and can’t make a full living writing and selling their work. Therefore, it’s probably a good idea to write for accomplishment, personal satisfaction and your own fulfillment.