I developed PoetryMadness.Com to share my ‘poetry all night long’. Early on, I was greatly inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s poem ‘Annabel Lee’ and fascinated by Henry David Thoreau’s biography about how he lived and spent his time at ‘Walden Pond.’

I think I caught a kind of ‘poetical madness’ myself writing poetry at age fifteen. I stayed up all night one Saturday evening writing over fifty poems. I don’t know what got into me. I probably didn’t have a girl friend at the time! Yet, later, life circumstances put my writing on hold until after four decades of plumbing. Terrible!

After I retired, I wanted something to do besides mow the lawn, watch TV and fix things around the house. Then, I remembered writing poetry.

I put together this site because I felt it was the best way to share my Poetry with the greatest number of viewers like you!

Maybe, you are curious about how to publish your own book of poems or novel? Learn how and where you can self publish it. It’s easier than you think, but there is a learning curve that will take some time and effort. Nevertheless, if you feel you have something worthy of being written, all your hard work will bear fruit in the end.

I hope that when you read my poems it strikes that certain something within you that you can’t quite put your finger on; that inexplicable feeling or emotion that brings forth a message which rings true larger than life.