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‘Bubba and your author’

I am really happy you stopped by to read some of my poetry. My name is Steven Humphreys and I wrote all the poems on this site.

And, for those psychology buffs, I am an ‘INFJ’ personality. This means I’m one of the purest forms of an ‘Introvert’ anyone can ever be.

Apparently, a good personality for a writer to have, I suppose. It comes in handy working out fine for me.

I think I am probably similar in personality style (and maybe quirkiness) to many authors who write poetry, other books and novels even though I have never met another writer except for knowing myself.

I finally intuitively landed upon what I was supposed to be doing with my life instead of doing something that was lame, made no sense or continued being trapped in that ‘soul killing’ career I worked in for over forty years (that I retired from not so very long ago!) I do have to admit that it wasn’t all bad, as there was some good to it. It did pay the bills, put food on the table later supplementing my social security in retirement.

Anyway, do you think that photo up there is what a poetry writer looks like? I can only speak for myself. You will often find me about town and around the house dressed in short pants, baseball hat, tee-shirt and flip-flops. I am everything but formal.

At an early age, I was greatly inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s poem ‘Annabel Lee’ and intrigued by Henry David Thoreau’s notes on how he spent his time (two years) at ‘Walden Pond’. I wanted to (be and) write like them.

Later, J.D. Salinger’s ‘Catcher in the Rye’ and Bukowski’s own version ~ ‘Ham on Rye’ caught my eye. I found them both totally amazing! How did I ever weasel out of reading ‘Catcher in the Rye’ in high school or college? Luckily, there was a copy in a forgotten storage box in my garage I dusted off and began reading right away. What a wonderful surprise, reigniting my interest in writing after so many years it laid dormant.

I caught my own brand of ‘poetry madness’ writing poems at age fifteen. I stayed up all night one Saturday evening writing over fifty poems. I don’t know what got into me (probably, I didn’t have a girl friend at the time!) Unfortunately, through the decades, all those poems were lost. Life circumstances put my writing on hold until some forty odd years later until I retired. Long wait. Gawd awful terrible I say!

Once in retirement, I found out soon I needed more than mowing the lawn, watching TV and fixing things around the house! I wanted to keep my mind sharp. When I sought something else to challenge me, I remembered I used to write poetry as a teen. Once I began writing again, it was like I had never stopped writing poems picking up right where I left off. It came back to me like magic. Uncanny. Writing poetry is my therapy. My salvation. It saved my neck. When somethin’s botherin’ me, I write a poem.

I put together this site because I felt it was the best way to share my poetry with the widest audience. I figured anyone in the whole wide world could read it. Someone in China, Mexico, South America as well as New Mexico could read my poems any time of the day or night. That’s why I put ‘Open all day all night’ on my home page website header.

I thought it was a great idea whose time had come! I did create Poetry Madness to share my poems with you and the world. That’s why I added the ‘Google translator’ widget on the upper right of the page for automatic translation of site content. If you write something you feel is helpful, entertaining and informative; I say, share it with whomever will read it. Who can it hurt? If you are inclined to write, it’s good for what ails you.

Maybe, you are curious about how to publish your own book of poems, write a ‘how-to book’ or novel? Learn how you can self publish your new book. It’s easier than you think, but there is a learning curve that will take some time and effort, as it did me and many others. If you feel you have something worthy of being written, all your hard work will eventually pay off.

If you are writing with the sole purpose to make money, this can surely be done. But, it takes time. Don’t let that be your only intention. Most writers don’t get rich and famous writing books. Most authors have day jobs and don’t make their living writing and selling their work. I think more writers than not share their work giving it away freely to get known and make a name for themselves.

The best reason I think to become an author is to write for accomplishment, personal satisfaction and your own fulfillment. If it is meant to be, the money will come later. Money would be nice, but when someone makes a comment about one of my poems and pushes the ‘like’ button, it always makes my day!

I do have to say I’d like a compliment saying my poems are ‘beautiful’. But, I would have to reply that what comes through me comes from someplace that’s not from me. It comes through me from that creative place of nothingness out of the ether. So, you have to give credit to something or someone unknown.

I hope you will enjoy reading my poems and visit again. I usually try to write at least one brand new original poem each day. Sometimes, more. How many poems I write each week depends upon how much coffee I drank, if I didn’t stay up too late the night before watching some silly ‘B’ horror movie, haven’t fallen asleep taking a long nap or busy taking care of things in need of repair from my wife’s ‘honey do’ list.