This Bottle of Wine

sadness, loneliness, drunk, wine

In the park the trees were greener the sky was bluer the birds were happier and the dogs barked and the cats meowed much better when we used to walk together and talk god was there. all I have now is memory of you and this bottle of wine and one long stemmed filled glass …


How to Cope with Ups and Downs of Publisher Reviews as Writers

meet duff, novel, book, steven humphreys, fantasy, adventure

I told you years ago I submitted the first chapter of my novel 'Meet Duff' for a review and received three stars out of five rating. I was ecstatic! I thought that was pretty darned good considering it was my first one. Then, the reviewer (publisher) suggested I should put 'more action' in it. I …

Pumpkin Leaves

pumpkins, fall, halloween, leaves, autumn, eerie

Pumpkin leaves burning bright where you lie eerie nights. single leaf waves of wine drips to ground in due time. all is good it's understood. bind my feet nice and neat bury me beneath the street. headlight echoes coming going. tail lights glow in cycles knowing. chilly wind in darkness blowing. gathered greens rows in …