Three monkeys and a kabob

three monkeys, hungry, peeking in a kitchen window, poetry, steven humphreys

Three monkeys

on a rooftop…

one was bold

one was shy

one would not commit

yet they all were


from one branch to

the next door neighbor’s


the bold monkey

would look in the kitchen

window and lick his

chops at what they

were cooking

it was his favorite

‘monkey kabobs’

the shy monkey

shrieked in horror

but the non committal

monkey just

covered his







Author: Steven Humphreys

I have long been married and currently write posts every day about health and wellness and poetry. I have authored several books currently for sale at the popular outlets. I hope you like my blog finding my articles informative as well as entertaining. Feel free to let me know what you think. You can read more 'about me' on this site. Thanks for stopping by!

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