Who said it and so what…

who said it and so what, poetry, steven humphreys, self actualization, defiance, be you

Who said there was something wrong with you simply because you didn't work well with others? be a mouse be small let them brainwash you make them happy betray yourself give until it hurts they are those who want you to be compliant and cater to their needs... I say 'F' them. so you don't …


I brought my spoon

I brought my spoon, poetry, steven humphreys, doing something that doesn't make sense, stupidity, just asking for it

I brought my spoon and pillow shopping because I wanted wrongful attention I went to the ice cream and opened two five gallon pistachio containers dug in my spoon and laid in the middle of the isle with the pillow tucked in the nape of my neck Pistachio isn't my favorite I wondered why I …

Good morning my dear sun

another day, nature, sun, happiness, life, saved from darkness

Good morning my dear sun. I feel your warmth on my face. out from the darkest darkness you sprung forth as our savior and made another day illuminating mustard yellow green fields and golden poppies that make our eyes happier and our hearts kinder.