You, me and my tea drinking monkey

me, you, tea, monkey, in a tree

Coming down to the ground going to graveyard town. in a movie not for real all those people gone sour lemon peel. it's always been that way gone, gone, gone away. and, so it is as ever it shall be so surreal it sways yes, if you ask me you should have some tea and …


It’s been a long time

smile, happy, genuine

It's been a long time since we've smiled and really meant it... Is it that we need to leave our home and travel to that place far over the horizon where we hope there is more happiness? Or, do we simply slow down standing in the midst of those who run in this rat race …

Movin’ to Arid zona’

moving to arizona, desert, cactus, heat, exodus

Movin' to Arid zona' cactus in my mouth stored away in Georgia chicken gravy waffle house It's aware how it pouts cooked well done points and shouts searched in magnificence never stooping doubts on my mind tasting wine wasted biscuit in my prime gaining south risking easy sitting pretty on the road smelting easterly wilted queasy …

Halves and have not’s

halves, haves, have not's, unfortunates, friends, lonely

Halves and have not's circling friends crowded squares tied in knots breaking bread spilled wine abounding fire short on time northern spirit southern court eastward defiance flamed appearance masters in ignorance all's behind you nothing in name coming to get you cut you into halves a whirlwind spirit sucking up souls.

Under my purple umbrella

I sat on a gravestone. lived in a radioactive zone. felt all those upturned bones, record scones, crepes and summer skin tone. raining, lightening, thundering storms. I sat wondering on the sea shore. torn, watching ships come and go under my purple umbrella.  

Slow dive

slow dive, suicide, jump off a cliff, lonely, depressed, alcohol, hopelessness

one way ride slow dive in greener ears white lies go devil on your shoulder whispers 'suicide tide' get bored dull sword Mr. Ford directionless truck drives itself going far picking winners eating cold dinners greasy diner bars back home sleep talking counting stars eyes glisten angels listen horn honks beep thinking deep soul to …

So many things…

so many things wine, regrets, drinking, alcohol, memories

There are so many things one cannot control... like war, other people's behavior and death. yet, the flowers still remain so beautiful. love is still love in all its shades and forms. and, kindness is still kindness when given freely. faith will always remain hope when one is sincere. fun is fun and best remembered …

An end to gradatim

gradatim, searching, god, ladder, steven humphreys, poetry

An end to gradatim I say! we must travel step by step. you don't want to fall into a hole covered up in dirt living like a mole. be a barefoot boy. ramble on. become master over your passions as you go... each step ascending toward god up the infinite ladder.