fog, god, prayer, mystical, poetry, steven humphreys

There was an eternal fog which rose up from his garden moonlight was still flowing through it in the dawn of his new day a form was cloaked within this ethereal mass he couldn't tell if it were A man A spirit or An animal he couldn't quite make it out As he walked closer... …



haply, poetry, steven humpheys, god, death

Hapless we are surviving life daily haply bathed in dew covered lawns at all wonder tide at noon babbling brook yonder up hills in recompense souls sincerely trembling fathers wandering rogue eloquent gladness and musings shall fill our breathless natural prisoner freed in outlash to open cloudless skies

Heavy thinking

heavy thinking, alcohol, poetry, depression, sadness, steven humphreys

Heavy thinking midnight drinking bells of Christmas tinkling look at the dictator deep in his face in the flaming 'no blinking' mirror sinking beer belly bread basket no longer care grain alcohol before the fall thought you'd become wiser when nothing to do nowhere to go and those all too beautiful hills became still and …


tunnel, poetry, steven humphreys, madness, death

You stopped at the entrance to a tunnel and there you hang in limbo for the green light to change crazy mind electric eyes icing on the cake purified by night run with wolves sleep wake another full glass it's time to see to taste can you hear? it's calling you... it is this that …