If you never had a Dad

If you never had

a dad

that’s something

truly sad


fatherly love

is an essentiality

to the young man

who didn’t have

want of footsteps to follow

filling righteous


not sallow

count yourself lucky

for a father who cared about you

at that young age

that mattered most

that he was there

not physically

as much as listening

that your path wasn’t hollow

and how you live your life

that he wants you to walk the straight

sometimes way too narrow

it is that


that his good intention

for you was there

once upon a time

that counts


About Steven Humphreys

I live in 'sunny' California with my lovely wife, three wonderful cats and very handsome dog! I write a lot these days about different subjects I have a 'heartfelt and deep-seated' interest in. I surely hope you will find my articles 'interesting and informative' as well. I sincerely appreciate your interest and you are welcome to visit here as often as you'd like. You can read more 'about me' within this site. Thank you for visiting!
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