Serve one up

the voice asks

‘serve one up?’

then you know

it has come to this

and you wonder

what is this thing about

once we get a handle on

being a baby

we grow into a toddler?

then as a teen

once you feel you knew it all

you grew into a young adult

realizing you once didn’t have a clue about diddly?

This thing called living…

strange anecdote!

There is a place for those

poor souls

who can get all the support

they need

glass by glass

from those others

who haven’t done so well

with themselves

here on planet earth

sitting on a stool

right beside you

looking at themselves

toss another one down

in the mirror

hanging directly




the voice comes swiftly…

‘what’ll you have?’

you answer

‘make mine like his’




Author: Steven Humphreys

I have long been married and currently write posts every day about health and wellness and poetry. I have authored several books currently for sale at the popular outlets. I hope you like my blog finding my articles informative as well as entertaining. Feel free to let me know what you think. You can read more 'about me' on this site. Thanks for stopping by!

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