The Visit

The visit is coming

in town

before he was born

living hidden

controlling minds



an avatar

not yet free


proving what is seen


knowing how it works within

the mind

therefore behooving someone to do something


no matter how goddamned dim

that unknown poet

was in

writing his sacred words alone

long before the machine was deadened

by all those sensations

and foregone electrical signals

no one knowing

what they are

and where

but they lived on

inside themselves

looking around

seeing that others did

have the same memories

remembered loosely

lest proving

neither this or that

is really out there

or in there


this is why

he will visit you

a visitation of someone

you didn’t think you knew



right before you




but near

and beside your

every move


Author: Steven Humphreys

I have long been married and currently write posts every day about health and wellness and poetry. I have authored several books currently for sale at the popular outlets. I hope you like my blog finding my articles informative as well as entertaining. Feel free to let me know what you think. You can read more 'about me' on this site. Thanks for stopping by!

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