I drew my drapes and opened the patio door for fresh air

when I was drinking my coffee

I reclined back on my pillows

I looked out

to a beautiful warm blue sky

out of nowhere descended

a dark burnt orange Monarch butterfly fluttering its

wings like it was being pulled

up and down by a puppeteer’s string

there were words

yet they were not spoken

‘get up, get up, come out, let’s play, get out of that bed, it’s a new day

look at me, I’m having fun, I’m living my life the way I was born to!’

It hovered about thirty seconds

then, it flew away

It had left something behind

something wise

a message meant

for me to ponder

I wondered

‘am I too living my life the way I was born to?’

And, today, he came back again

in the PM

I saw him in the reflection of my computer screen

hovering by my open screen door

as if he was waiting

but this time

I turned around

got up from my chair

and went outside to welcome him

to tell him how grateful I was










About Steven Humphreys

I live in 'sunny' California with my lovely wife, three wonderful cats and very handsome dog! I write a lot these days about different subjects I have a 'heartfelt and deep-seated' interest in. I surely hope you will find my articles 'interesting and informative' as well. I sincerely appreciate your interest and you are welcome to visit here as often as you'd like. You can read more 'about me' within this site. Thank you for visiting!
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