The Beauty of a Real Friend

The beauty of a real friend

is the feeling you get

because you know you can do no wrong

you won’t be betrayed

you never get rejected

you never get your heart broken

you will always be loved.

when I was young

I don’t think I had a large capacity to Continue reading “The Beauty of a Real Friend”


You Just have to Deal with it

You just have to deal with it

that thing called


those things you’d rather not

deal with

you put back on the shelf

they roll off

landing in your lap


Sometimes, you have to be

 your own Parent

 your own do-it-yourself



Snake Oil Salesman…

You try to control

but, never Continue reading “You Just have to Deal with it”

Bitter and Sweet


when you grow

you reflect…

on all those wasted

bygone years

never to return

no second chance

yet, lessons are learned

so sorry for the things you did

so sorry for those things you’d said

you can’t erase any of Continue reading “Bitter and Sweet”

Grass in a Vase

Wish you were here

watching that

grass in a vase

atop that short wooden

worm eaten

coffee table

rustic picture

growing slowly

those tall

grassy fields of weeds

trimmed tight

overgrown hair


yellow cat

eyes looking out

grass so sweet

cats in sheer


meowing as Continue reading “Grass in a Vase”

I Just had to Write this one

You know I just had to write this one

If you have been reading me

you probably figured out I’m not necessarily

politically correct

good, bad, or indifferent,

that’s just how those cards landed

but, it goes even further than that…

I don’t mind admitting my failings

I don’t do it for just anyone

I especially don’t want to tell someone

known to Continue reading “I Just had to Write this one”

That Elusive Chase

that elusive chase I do

always leads back to me

in my pursuit


become wise enough

to know where God works.

The spirit of ME persists

inside this rented body


looks out through

these eyes of mine

which Continue reading “That Elusive Chase”